The Aligned App


Let’s play a game.

Can we inspire massive change in your life in just 21 days?

If you can get intentional, committed & clear, you can. And I’m going to help you.


Some call it The Cure for Modern Day Life.

It’s an easy & elegant way to get aligned with your goals, your true self and the life you desire.

With Aligned, users will achieve Micro Goals in the form of daily rituals, have access to an accountability coach and track progress through daily check-ins.

A few minutes a day to achieve the life of your dreams. Let’s do this.


How is this going to work?


The First Step: Committing & Knowing You Can

A lot of us experience resistance to change. If you’re saying things like “I don’t have time,” “Things aren’t that bad,” or “I’ll start next year,” those are all messages of resistance.

It’s okay. I’ve been there too.

Listen, it’s not going to take a lot. I’m not asking you to join an ashram or do a silent meditation for 10 days.

The first step in this process is knowing that YES- you DO want to live your best life. You do want to improve your wellbeing. You DO want to tune into abundance. Feel happier. Move forward towards your goals. But you’re saying- how much work is this going to take? I don’t have time. Where do I get started? Can I take a nap?

I want to go on this journey with you. And this is all I’m asking for:

  • Four to eight minutes of your day, for twenty-one days.

  • Watch a few short videos.

  • Journaling.

  • Download one App.

  • And trust. Trust me to walk you through this process.

Remember: How do you eat an elephant? One. Bite. At. A. Time.


Step Two: Clarity

To kick off this project, we’ll have a 10 minute call. This is to set your goal for the next 21 days. I want you to get super clear about what you’d like to work on.

To prep for the call, I’m going to ask you:

  • What is the ONE thing is you want to change, improve, move towards or experience growth around?

  • Do I have your permission to design your daily rituals?

  • Over Easy, Over Medium, or Hard Boiled? This is the intensity level of our program. You choose. You can adjust or change your mind at anytime.

  • Are you in?!?


Step Three: The System

Since this is an “out of app” beta test, I’m going to ask you to download a different app, where we’ll do our testing before The Aligned App exists.

This app is: Evernote (click to download)

When you download the app, you’re going to use it for three things:

  1. Your daily rituals (I will share this note with you)

  2. Your Score

  3. Your Journal

I wont see your score or your journal. This is your space to get honest without an audience. I will walk you through this more, info to come.


Step Four: The Process

Each day, you’ll endeavor to complete as many rituals as you can.

It’s not about getting a perfect score. It’s just about being conscious. I want you to practice offering yourself the ultimate grace, even if you complete zero things on your list. you can pick it up again the next day.

Morning Rituals

  • There are a few things you’ll do before you even get out of bed in the morning. I find a post-it note on my glasses or phone helps me get Aligned before I get started on the day. Think about this- before your feet even touch the floor, you’ll have accomplished thee mini wins. That’s what we call MOMENTUM, people.

Daily Rituals

  • The balance of your rituals can be completed throughout the day. I’ll text you to check in on how many you've gotten done, any particular items you feel resistant around or just to help remind you.

  • I recommend setting an ALARM on your phone for mid day just to remind yourself to check in. Mine goes off at 11 AM. I’ve titled it: “Get Aligned.” Do this.

Weekly Rituals

  • Some days I’ll ask you to dive a little deeper with some journaling work. This is how we’re really going to monitor your progress. Take a few minutes when prompted to jot down your thoughts in Evernote. Pro Tip: Turn on dictation on your phone & “talk to text.” Makes journaling easy. Don’t worry about making it perfect. It’s just about getting some feelings and ideas down on paper.

I’m going to be your virtual Accountability Coach. I’ll be texting you, emailing you, sending videos and good vibes on your journey. And you can always reach out. It’s not a one-way street.


Step Five: The Results

This whole process is based on this FACT:


Being consistent for 21 days is going to get you to a different place than you were 21 days prior.

You’re going to push against the things you’re feeling resistance around and break through whatever mindset blocks, relationship blocks, lifestyle choices or habits that have been engrained in your life.

The rituals are scientifically proven actions that lead to higher quality of life and reported happier-ness. Strategizing together on how to achieve your goals is going to move you forward. Action is the remedy for anxiety. The laws of physics define that an object in motion tends to remain in motion.

So let’s get rolling. Let’s do it. And let’s do it together.

Here’s the most important part: I’M DOING THIS WITH YOU.

I’m here to hold space, create the container, give you permission, pour love into you, support and encourage.

So if you need to reach out to me, at anytime- I AM HERE.

Video resources: HERE on YOUTUBE

Call or Text 858.336.8700


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