24 Hours // Exploring La Jolla

24 Hours // Exploring La Jolla

My Zodiac sign is Cancer, which is represented by the crab. I fit the bill for all the stereotypical Cancer traits, but the one that’s most prevalent in my life is that I’m a total freak about my environment. 

The crab lives in it’s cozy shell. I’m a homebody. Interior aesthetics are very important to me. I need my own space. And… I need to love where I live. 

And good GOD does La Jolla fit that bill.

La Jolla

I’ve lived in The Jewel on and off since 2008, and couldn't be happier about it. When friends and family come to visit, I get to be a mini-tour guide and LJ expert. If it’s your first or fifth time visiting me, here are the top 5 things I’ll probably force you to do in my town for a 24 hour visit.

Brunching should be a National Pastime

Your first stop of the day is at my favorite brunch spot, Beaumont’s

Reserve a spot on the patio and get ready for a delicious breaky. The waitstaff is super chill but very efficient. There will most likely be some live music. I highly recommend someone at the table get the “Coast Toast,” which is my favorite French Toast on the planet. 

Live a little and get a mimosa, or Nick’s favorite breakfast cocktail, the “Don’t Judge Me.” It’s a mimosa spiked with vodka, and it’s served in a wine glass with an orange garnish, straw and mini umbrella. It’s a very masculine drink, only for the most secure men and women who don’t mind a little liquor in the morning.

I love La Jolla a Latte

You know how mimosas make you a little sleepy? Well after your brunch, you’ll need to jump across the street for a little kick in the pants. And Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is the. best. place. for. coffee. ever. The open air store front is cozy when it’s raining and refreshing when it’s steaming. But since La Jolla’s core temperature is about 75 degrees, it’s normally just a great place to hang out and people watch. You’ll see people just out of the water from a morning surf sesh and CEOs on their way to the office. They were named Micro-Roaster of the year, so they’re kind of a big deal. The regular coffee is great, but the espresso is UNREAL. 

Buy me a Present

After you’re energized, grab your credit card because we’re going shopping. Cross the street again and check out Mimi & Red. It’s my favorite boutique in the area, full of hand picked items that have that high-low mix; it totally fits the La Jolla vibe. 


You’re going to find flirty, feminine dresses and delicate necklaces paired with graphic tees from Obey and flannels from RVCA. T


he girls who work here are always so sweet and you’ll be able to find a complete outfit for your dinner date later… more details on that below.


Go Dream Home Shopping

Now that you’ve wined, dined and shopped, it’s time to burn off some energy and some calories.


One of the most spectacular features of La Jolla is the real estate. Since La Jolla is developed on the coast, there is finite land space to build on, so the charm of the small town feel has been preserved. From a real estate perspective, the limited supply of housing, proximity to major corporations and commerce, amazing weather, cultural opportunities and coastal lifestyle make this town one of the most unique and most valuable places in the nation. 


With that type of innate value in the land and lifestyle, this is THE place to buy a home. So if you’re a real estate freak like I am, you have to explore the homes in the town. 


I think the best way to do that is by bike. There is a lot of ground to cover and on a bike, you’ll get to see much more of the architectural detail, enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise. 

Catch the Sunset at The Cove

Make the last stop on your bike tour a picnic at Children’s Pool. Sit to the north on the grassy slopes so you don’t have to smell the bird/fish/seal fiasco. Make sure you’ve packed a snack so you can chill out and wait for dusk. And by snack I may or may not be referring to a mini plastic bottle of red wine. Drinking in public is illegal though, so clearly I’d never recommend that. 

The La Jolla Bridge Club is on the other side of Children’s Pool so if it’s early in the day, bring a deck of cards and play a few hands of gin rummy or poker. After you’ve lost all your money playing La Jolla Hold’em, if it’s low tide, put your explorer hat on and walk down to the tide pools. They are teeming with little creatures waiting to be discovered.

Closer to dusk, climb up to your picnic spot for a front row seat to an insane sunset. As the sun goes down, you can discuss where you want to go for dinner and drinks.

La Jolla Sunset

There’s Herringbone, one of the newer, hipper restaurants in the area with an amazing craft cocktail selection. It’s one of Brian Malarky’s restaurants, the cute guy with the fedoras from Top Chef.

For sushi we always (always) go to Sushi on the Rock. It’s a safe bet, with consistent food and service. And you can get away with doing sake bombs here.

For something easy, local and fresh, go to El Pescador. El Pescador means “The Fisherman, and what you’ll do here is order a type of fish listed on chalk board, then tell them if you want it on sandwich, tacos, salad, whatever. The fish on the chalk board is what the fishermen brought in that day. Get it?



La Jolla residents are usually pretty obnoxious when it comes to dealing with tourists, especially during the summer. I’m no exception. This is a huge generalization, but by and large, las touristas don’t know how to drive on our roads, respect our beaches, parking spaces or sidewalks, and generally just clog up our peaceful town. 

So if you ever come by this town or any other, remember, this is our home, so please respectful. Don’t litter. Don’t text and drive on roads you don’t know. Tip well & have fun. 

Winansea Pano

Have you ever been to LJ? What are your favorite things to do here?

If you follow this guide, but end up cutting someone off in traffic, don’t be surprised if you hear: “Go home, kook!” Proceed with caution! & let me know what you love about LJ!


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