Open House // Windan House

Our home is currently a mixture of about 6 people's belongings- mine, Corine's & Morgan's, plus our old roommate before Corine, the roommate before me & the roommate before Morgan. So we are "editing," to say the least. Purging, if you want to be more accurate. And with each of our styles being unique & eclectic, we are merging our current belongings while redecorating with new finds in order to make this house our home.

When we started, our place was a total "beach house." Sea shells and signs that said "beach this way," all very obvious. Yes, we live at the beach... but I don't think we need to be so literal. 

I'm not a good shopper in general, but while shopping for our place I would get majorly overwhelmed. I'm prone to be distracted by shiny things & forget what the "theme" of our home was. "Ooooh! Nautical! We could do that.. or Oh YES- industrial chic. Do these pillows match our accent wall? I think sequins would be good, right?"

So I figured the only way to stay focused was a mood board. Inspiration, items I want/need... etc. 

Enjoy! xoA


Thanks for reading! 


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