Behind the Scenes // Birthday Weekend

Here's a #humblebrag post all about my birthday. Self-indulgence at it's finest. I always create anxiety for myself with my birthday, never knowing if what I want to do will meet my expectations or the expectations of the people I want to spend it with. With that being said, all birthday-related activities for 2014 kicked ass. 

Morning of // Strong start with “Happy Fucking Birthday” and “It’s Party Time Bitches” balloons, a bouquet of dahlias & a bag of birthday treats courtesy of Morgs. Only this girl would know that I would appreciate a year subscription to Martha Stewart Magazine. And a book on crystals, paired with my own special Amber crystal. Plus an amazing stamp kit & a cancer candle. So essentially, Morgan covered every fringe of my personality- OCD (Martha), hippy-dippy (crystals/candle) & crude humor (balloons.) Best. Roommate. Ever

Tradition // If you know me, you know I like champagne a little bit. Charlotte taught me that it’s good luck to write your age on the cork of the bottle you pop on your birthday & carry it with you throughout the year. I think it’s a French thing. Since my main goal in life is to be chic & faux-French, the tradition continues.

Last year we did a bottle of Veuve Cliqout the night of my bday. This year, we popped quite a few bottles of the Chandon summer edition... it was even the champs they served at Fluxx this weekend. Yes, this is a MUMM cork.. from another special occasion. Insert winky face here.

The Fab Four // To say I was spoiled is a huge understatement. Like huge. My girls turned it OUT for me this year… I am beyond flattered & I am so outfitted its ridiculous. I'm talking about so much new jewelry, nail polish & makeup, a new Kate Spade clutch... Heart eyed emoji goes here. Casey, Emily, Elicia... I love you so much.

So Much Room for Activities // Seeing Mike Trout at the Angel's game last weekend was the start of my birthday activities. Spending the weekend with Charlotte in Huntington Beach was awesome & 3 home runs in the bottom of the seventh was kind of the best birthday present ever.

Over this last weekend, adult beverages were imbibed, at Herringbone La Jolla, The Shack, my patio, FLUXX, Beaumonts & at Windansea beach... all my favorite haunts. We danced, we ate pot stickers, we shopped & spent LOTS of time in my front yard... photo below. And I'm off to Cabo tomorrow to continue the birthday month celebrations... viva Mexico!

Extra Special // The most beautiful 3+ foot tall orchid showed up on my desk at work on Friday. Like, legit, the most beautiful flowers I have EVER received, from an amazing dude who knew to call Adelaide's in La Jolla. Well done. In the photos above, you can see that I did seatbelt it into my car to ensure a safe ride home. 


Birthday perks // Birthday perks ARE THE BEST. I get an extra special birthday perk because of my birth DATE... in honor of my birthday, as I’ve said to everyone, I talked 7-11 convenience stores into celebrating my birthday nationally & they obliged by providing free Slurpees to America. You’re welcome.

Starbucks hooks it up with a free coffee- so you know you gotta go big (extra shots, please.) I got a free mini "Bundtlet" red velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, which I ate for dinner with my hairstylist, while she was doing my color. Treats from Sephora, free birthday burrito for lunch (which I did put a candle in & blow out) & 4 cakes at work. Plus another coffee date with my boss & beers with my construction crew. Aaaaand, I'm fat.

My tribe // The real gift has been having an excuse to spend time with my people. This month has been amazing for spending some serious QT with almost all of my closest lady birds. Encinitas rendezvous with Suz, Orange County adventures with Char, Fourth of July debauchery with Morgs,  this weekend with Elicia & today, Cabo with Ads. All the birthday wishes & love I've gotten from everyone has been AMAZING.

I used to be a girl who struggled having girlfriends; I think it was in part because my 'close friends' were actually awful to me & I never learned how to be a good friend. I am so grateful to have removed those toxic people from my life & am so appreciative of my core tribe. I love you ALL so much- you all bring serious magic to my world. 

Thank you everyone for the birthday love, 27 has been amazing so far & I know it's going to be another good year... things just keep getting better.


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